The Legend of How Oolong Tea Was Invented

There are a number of legends about the origin of oolong tea. The most likely to be accurate is the story of Wu Liang. He had been a tea grower in early China. He was quite patient and his mood gained him favor one of others in his village. He was famous for his love of nature and the components.

Among the greatest joys was tea and he stumbled about growing his very own garden. He worked sun up to sun down, daily pruning, planting and watering. His gentle care was profitable and the next year he had a garden filled with tree shrubs.

It was early spring and Wu Liang was filled with joy at the prospect of creating his own tea. He moved to his garden in the early morning to begin his job. He chose just the more tender buds to create the sweetest tea. As he chose the buds he laid them gently on the ground, being careful that none have been lost or destroyed.

He was busy picking his buds when he was diverted by a family . Wu Liang loved nature and has been overtaken by their attractiveness. He left his job in the garden to get closer to the deer. He spent a few hours watching the bull and taming them to eat from his hands.

When he finally returned to his work of picking, he found the tender buds he’d chosen had wilted in sunlight. He was immediately ashamed of being easily distracted. He was habituated to the point of weeping. He couldn’t permit the precious leaves be wasted. He collected them up and twisted them into a braid. When brewed, he also found that this tea had a sweet taste. Oolong tea was born. Shortly, his boil became the favored of his region.

The story of Wu Liang has been handed down from generation to generation. Through the decades his name became distorted and Wu Liang tea became oolong tea. It is currently the most popular tea in all China.

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